I'm super excited to reveal that my studio is expanding to include an exclusive online community! 

Singers from all over the world are invited to subscribe to this service. We want to hear your unique story and your unique voice!

With an over-saturation of "internet singing gurus" on YouTube, why sign up with me? 

As much as I love YouTube, anyone can post anything they like, including a huge amount of singers with little experience and zero qualifications. There is no quality control, and a scary amount of information out that that can hurt your voice! I really have cringed at some of the "advice" I've seen offered online. 

If you choose to join my community, you can be confident that you are receiving advice that is high quality (I have studied singing at a postgraduate level and have worked with some of the biggest names in vocal pedagogy internationally) and completely tailor-made to suit your own needs.

What does the Member's Lounge offer?

       Exclusive, personalised video content


Have you ever had a question about singing? In joining this group, you have the opportunity to ask me anything you like, whether it be about how to calm nerves before a performance, how to avoid vocal fatigue, what exercises to focus on... anything!


I provide videos based on YOUR needs, which you can watch as many times as you want.   

        A fun and supportive community of singers

In addition to this page, you will receive FREE access to the private facebook group, only for members. This is a place where singers can connect and inspire each other. In this mentoring group, you can ask me questions, which I will cover in the video content. You can also share inspiring and funny material, let us know what's going on in your singing world, and network with a wonderful group of people who love music! 

        Online masterclasses, webinars and lectures

Live and interactive video feeds. Expanding on the material from the video content, where YOU can participate first-hand. I will work with a select number of students in front of an audience with a chosen theme in mind, whether it be achieving more focus to the voice, how to effectively use the breath, foreign language diction, acting and character development, or even hair and makeup for performance! 

        Access to the Studio eNewsletter

Be the first informed of any special events and sales. Keep up to date with news of upcoming performances from myself and students from the studio. Ponder over thought-pieces designed to educate and inspire.