Welcome to my first online course,

Singing for Self-Care: Bio-hacking your brain with Singing!

This 4-week comprehensive online course, which can be completed entirely at your own pace, takes a deep-dive into how singing affects our brain. With this knowledge, we learn how to utilize various elements of singing technique to "bio-hack" our system, giving us powerful tools to overcome hardships, interrupt negative feedback loops, and help us forge a path of self-mastery and growth.

Along with informative videos, this course includes a weekly mini singing lesson, which outlines a fundamental of singing technique, and how you can "hack" it and use it as part of your self-care practice. There are also weekly and exclusive guided meditations.

Should you need any personalized guidance during the course, all course participants are entitled to a discount on four private 1hr singing lessons with me.

Livia xo



WEEK 1: Singing and anxiety

               The autonomic nervous system, diaphragmatic breathing,

                              chronic anxiety in the age of Covid-19, and how to hack it with singing.

WEEK 2: The meditative voice

               The vagus nerve, its pharyngeal and laryngeal counterparts, exhalation.

                              SOVTs and your introduction to Livia's guided singing meditations.

WEEK 3: A song a day

               Exploring the link between low mood, neuroplasticity and vocalisation.

WEEK 4: Sing out

                              Managing stage fright and the power of social singing. 


- practical exercises

- access to unlisted videos

- certificate upon completion

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