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Singing for Self-Care Part 1:

Bio-hacking your brain with Singing

Singing for Self- Care Part 2:

Full Vocal Release

Catalyse your growth as a singer and artist with private 1-hour lessons with Livia. 

Available as one-off sessions, or enjoy a discount if you book a bundle of lessons.

If you would like some personalised feedback on your singing, you are able to submit an audio or video recording to Livia and receive a detailed, constructive and encouraging report.

Livia is available to give masterclasses and workshops with a focus on singing technique, stage presence, performance anxiety, and singing for non-musical goals.

Weekly Singing for Self-Care videos released every Monday on YouTube.

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Overcome psychological blocks, learn how to incorporate singing into your self-care routine, plus singer health tips.


Singing with Confidence: A meaningful system to overcome performance anxiety, crippling perfectionism, fear of judgement, and other limiting beliefs.

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Livia Brash is a professional operatic soprano and voice teacher. 

She is passionate about the transformative nature of singing, not only in regards to technique and developing an incredible instrument, but also singing's ability to to heal and transform our lives. 


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Bio-hacking your Brain With Singing


Chances are you've heard singing releases feel-good hormones, but did you know that different aspects of singing technique have a profound impact on the nervous system? 

This 4-week course unpacks the neuroscience behind singing, and how you can bio-hack your brain with your voice to lead a happier and healthier life- all while improving your singing technique at the same time!

Full Vocal Release


You love singing, but there is just something holding you back. It could be muscle tension that makes singing uncomfortable and fatiguing, a loud inner critic berating your every mistake, or a frustrating lack of progress. Singing is supposed to feel good. So what is it getting in the way for you?

In this course, we get the root causes of the emotional, psychological and physical blocks experienced by singers and how to heal them.

"I transformed from a nervous beginner, to having the confidence to tackle anything in front of me.

I find learning difficult, and had reservations about learning online, yet no question went unanswered with the wisdom and compassion of a teacher who loves to teach, and does it well. Despite an extensive show-reel, Livia is down to earth and her passion for singing rubs off as she makes every lesson fun.

Where other teachers fell short, my time with Livia gave me the gift of not just singing, but concepts which have unlocked many aspects of musicianship and, practical philosophies for life itself."

- Emma, Sydney

"I am expressing my appreciation for Livia's inspirational, insightful and life-changing educational expertise and work.

Livia has a profound knowledge of and belief in the power of good, whole of body, vocal technique. She not only helps to refine the singing of high achievers, she thrives on the opportunity to transform vocal phobics, such as myself, from self doubt, into mature performers who understand that to be able to speak is to be able to sing. To find a teacher who combines these talents with an equally awe-inspiring talent as an opera singer is to win one of life’s great lotteries. Don’t miss this opportunity if it comes your way."

-Kevin, Sydney

"Livia is an incredibly supportive and encouraging teacher.


Her lessons helped me develop the skills and confidence to audition for music at university. I have been her student as both a novice and (almost) music graduate and her teaching at every level of my development has been inspiring and challenging in the best way.


Livia is a kind, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher and she has had a great, positive influence on my singing."

-Brydie, Canberra


Dear Singers,

It is with great excitement that I announce a full scholarship for a one-on-one mentorship program within my studio.

The David Laurence scholarship will be awarded to one promising developing artist and will take place over the course of 2022.

The scholarship is for all classical singers aged 18 and over, from any country.

Music education should be accessible for everyone. If your life circumstances have alienated you from pursuing singing study, I encourage you to apply here.

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Singing is very powerful and versatile activity to level up your self-care practice.


Here are 10 reasons why you should try singing for self-care today.




Studying music takes a lot of self-discipline and time, and we aren’t robots! The good news is that resets like the one you’re about to take are very necessary in life.


Coming soon

Singers are particularly prone to Imposter Syndrome.

Why is this? And how can we move past it so we can enjoy our craft with confidence?

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