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Livia Brash is a professional operatic soprano, voice teacher and counselor. 

She is passionate about the transformative nature of singing, not only in regards to technique and developing an incredible instrument, but also singing's ability to to heal and transform our lives. 


"Livia is an incredibly supportive and encouraging teacher.


Her lessons helped me develop the skills and confidence to audition for music at university. I have been her student as both a novice and music graduate and her teaching at every level of my development has been inspiring and challenging in the best way.


Livia is a kind, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher and she has had a great, positive influence on my singing."

-Brydie, Canberra

"I am expressing my appreciation for Livia's inspirational, insightful and life-changing educational expertise and work.

Livia has a profound knowledge of and belief in the power of good, whole of body, vocal technique. She not only helps to refine the singing of high achievers, she thrives on the opportunity to transform vocal phobics, such as myself, from self doubt, into mature performers who understand that to be able to speak is to be able to sing. To find a teacher who combines these talents with an equally awe-inspiring talent as an opera singer is to win one of life’s great lotteries. Don’t miss this opportunity if it comes your way."

-Kevin, Sydney

"I transformed from a nervous beginner, to having the confidence to tackle anything in front of me.

I find learning difficult, and had reservations about learning online, yet no question went unanswered with the wisdom and compassion of a teacher who loves to teach, and does it well. Despite an extensive show-reel, Livia is down to earth and her passion for singing rubs off as she makes every lesson fun.

Where other teachers fell short, my time with Livia gave me the gift of not just singing, but concepts which have unlocked many aspects of musicianship and, practical philosophies for life itself."

- Emma, Sydney


15th May, 2022

Applications for the 2023 David Laurence Scholarship for developing artists are now open! This scholarship enables one student to have their tuition with me free of cost for one year.

You can find more information, as well as the application form, on the scholarship page here.

Applications close on the 5th September 2022. Best of luck!

15th August, 2022

Livia recently returned to the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria, as a member of staff for the program's 50th year anniversary.

She presented a lecture on Self-Care for Peak Performance, outlying performance psychology and physical therapy techniques for singing endurance.

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Livia proved herself to be a reliable and trustworthy teacher whose dedication and passion has seen her gain immense success as a vocal teacher. Livia’s student retention rate is one of the best we have ever seen. In many cases Livia has surpassed her peers in attracting and retaining students.

Her ability to connect with, inspire and guide students is evident in her success.

Livia is a very personable and outgoing person who connects very easily with new acquaintances. She is then able to build these relationships for a quality ongoing productive professional environment, between both her students and colleagues.

On top of all that, Livia is a talented and switched-on musician, whose performing talents are widely respected. Her combination of vocal talent and interpersonal skills will see her achieve great things.


Sarah Grey, Manager

Canberra Music Tuition

Livia's very personable, knowledgeable, cheery and thought-provoking presentation to my class was exactly what my students needed to start them off with some wind in their sails for a strong semester.

I can't recommend her highly enough!


Kevin McMillan, Professor

James Madison Univeristy



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