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presentations, workshops and masterclasses


Dedicated singing students have put in the effort to develop their voice, acting skills, and diction.
But what about tackling the distinct challenges that come with a career in singing?

Livia provides enlightening presentations that serve as a bridge between conservatory training and the demands of the professional world.

Dive into the realm of cognitive psychology to learn techniques for speed-learning music, discover ways to enhance your mental and physical  endurance on stage, and gain insights into managing the unique emotional hurdles often encountered in the industry.

Endurance Toolkit for Vocal Athletes
- maintaining mental focus
- recovering from setbacks
- tips for peak performance
- vocal massage for recovery

Triumphs and Tragedies
- dismantling imposter syndrome
- dealing with jealousy
- managing procrastination

- recovering from a "bad" performance


Developing the Perfect Practice Protocol
- overcoming procrastination
- dealing with distractions
- practicing efficiently for optimized growth
- singing as meditation in movement

Music Memorization Masterclass
- priming your mind for study
- sensory memory and learning styles
- hacks for encoding information from short-term to long-term memory


Presentations can also be developed à la carte to suit the specific needs of your group.


From Endurance Toolkit for Vocal Athletes,

American Institute of Musical Studies, Graz, Austria, 2022

From Endurance Toolkit for Vocal Athletes,

American Institute of Musical Studies, Graz, Austria, 2022


Prefer a more hands-on experience? The Music Memorization Masterclass can be extended into an immersive workshop format. During this workshop, we delve deeper into the presentation's insights, allowing participants to actively apply the techniques to their songs and arias in real-time.

Livia is also available to conduct masterclasses that center around singing technique, stage presence, acting, and the psychology of performance


M.Mus.Stud, B.Mus

As an educator, Livia has worked with music institutions across Europe, USA and Australia.

Her experience as a singing teacher, performer and counselor has lead to her focus on the fascinating intersection between singing and  psychology.



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