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Singing for Self-Care offers two signature online courses.

Bio-hacking your Brain With Singing 

Chances are you've heard singing releases feel-good hormones, but did you know that different aspects of singing technique have a profound impact on the nervous system? 

This 4-week course unpacks the neuroscience behind singing, and how you can bio-hack your brain with your voice to lead a happier and healthier life- all while improving your singing technique at the same time.


Full Vocal Release 

You love singing, but there is just something holding you back. It could be muscle tension that makes singing uncomfortable and fatiguing, a loud inner critic berating your every mistake, or a frustrating lack of progress. Singing is supposed to feel good. So what is it getting in the way for you? In this course, we get the root causes of the emotional, psychological and physical blocks experienced by singers and how to heal them.


Looking to explore Singing for Self-Care in a group setting? Workshops are a great way to learn about the transformative nature of the voice, using the voice therapeutically for non-musical goals, or exploring psychological blocks that often affect musicians.

Livia is also available to give masterclasses with a focus on singing technique, stage presence, acting and overcoming performance anxiety.