Classical singing is a deeply inspiring and beautiful art-form, but the industry is wrought with gate-keeping and discrimination at every turn. This is not right or fair, and the next generation of classical musicians and music teachers demand that these systems change.

This scholarship was created to help dismantle these systems of prejudice and provide access to classical singing lessons to those who may not otherwise have access to it.

The award was created in honour of Dr David Laurence Brash, who devoted his life to improving the quality of life and mental health of countless people, and his support of the arts and music education.

If you are a person 18 years and over who dreams of pursuing classical singing, but something out of your control is standing in your way, I encourage you to apply for this scholarship. The award is open to citizens of any country.


This scholarship includes:

40 hours of one-on-one mentorship

    - singing lessons

    - language coaching

    - stagecraft and acting

    - musicianship and historically-informed performance

    - professional development


Valued at $2400 AUD


To be announced

23rd November, 2021.

Please send your

completed application form, CV and video recordings of two arias to

Entries close Sunday, 5th September 2021 at 5pm CET.


What is a Developing Artist? Do I need to be a certain age?

A developing artist is any amateur singer who is on their learning journey. This can include, but is absolutely not limited to, young singers. In fact, whilst the minimum age for this mentorship program is 18, there is no maximum age limit. If you are above the "typical age" targeted by usual education opportunities, you are very much invited to apply for this scholarship.

What do I need to include in my application?

You can find the application form at the top of this page. Please send your completed form, CV and two videos of you singing to

What DON'T I need to include in my application?

You will NOT be asked for physical details or photos. Your date of birth is only requested to confirm you're over 18 years old, but otherwise your age has no impact on your application. The selected scholar will eventually provide a headshot, purely in order to for them to be visible and their art and achievements to be promoted online. But photos during the application and selection process are not necessary.

What if I need help with my application?

If you need any help with your application, send your questions to

Are there any restrictions to the scholarship?

Restrictions to the scholarship are outlined here.

Who was David Laurence?

This scholarship was created in honour of the late Dr David Laurence Brash. You can read more about him here.

I live in another country, how do I have my lessons with you?

This scholarship is open to singers internationally. All you need is a stable internet connection and access to Zoom. Please include your time zone and availability on your application form to ensure we can find a mutually good time in which we can meet each other.

How much does it cost to apply?

In keeping with the mission of accessibility, there is no fee to apply for this scholarship.