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The 1-minute hack that makes you 3 times more likely to practice.

You're in a bit of a slump with your singing practice. Perhaps life keeps getting in the way and singing completely slips your mind... until you're already settled in for the night, glass of wine in hand, watching The Office. Or perhaps singing practice is in the front of your mind, but you need a little push of motivation to put thoughts into action and actually get your butt into the practice room.

Enter implementation intention.


There's a lot more to implementation intention that I will likely discuss on Singing for Self-Care in future, but for now, let's talk about this super simple 1-minute practice hack.

  1. Set your intention

In this case, it is to practice your singing. But you can apply this technique to other tasks too!

2. Write down the time you will practice

Get precise. Set the time as if it were meeting with another person. For example, "practice at 1:30pm" instead of "practice after lunch". This may mean you need to schedule your lunch around your practice session at 1:30 and not the other way around.

3. Write down where you will practice

Much like the previous point, be specific. If you're at home, in what room will you practice?

To be on the safe side, have a contingency plan here for a backup space, should your desired practice room at school, or area of your house, be already occupied by another person. (IF my practice space is occupied, THEN I ... plan b)

See the difference between these two notes?


- practice


- 1:30pm singing practice (at the piano in my study).

Which task are you more inclined to do?


Important note: This hack loses effectiveness with every task you add. So just choose one intention to which to apply this technique.

Super simple and takes less than a minute! Give it a go today!

Livia Brash,

Singing for Self-Care

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