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Lesson time is you time.  A valuable investment in yourself.

Do you want to embrace the transformative power of singing as part of your personal journey? Are you looking for an experienced technician to help you with your desired vocal outcomes? A 1-on-1 singing lesson is the perfect way to accelerate both your technical and emotional growth. You can read about my ethos and training here.


- Suitable for all levels: There are singers in my studio who are absolute beginners, up to music major university graduates, and other professional voice teachers. I really love the unique needs that arise with singers on different parts of their journey.

- All sessions are conducted over Skype.

- Sessions are generally 60mins, but longer or shorter sessions can be made available upon request.

- It's recommended, although not required, to use an ethernet cable for stable internet and an inexpensive external microphone for an improved audio experience. 

- We often make use of physiotherapy resistance bands (light-medium) in lessons.

- Feel free to record your session!

Are you a developing artist? You may be eligible for the David Laurence Scholarship 2022. Read more about the scholarship here.


Looking for some gentle guidance or another point of view on your singing? Perhaps you'd like to test the waters before diving in for a 1-on-1 lesson. Or maybe you simply want some encouragement and constructive feedback to aid you with your music journey. A personalized report can offer a professional perspective and advice to direct you towards your goals. Submit a recording and receive a tailor-made written report to help you feel inspired, empowered and supported.


- Video and audio recordings up to 10 minutes are accepted.

- Please send your recordings as a link (YouTube, Google Drive, DropBox, etc), not a file.

- Any genre of music is accepted

- If you would like any particular type of feedback (e.g. technical, stylistic, dramatic, etc) please specify.



Athletes use coaching to work on the technical and psychological aspects of their performance.

Musicians are no different.

Do you find yourself procrastinating with your practice? Do you suffer from stage fright? Are you having difficulties with "letting go" when it comes to vocal tension or your breath? Or perhaps you are fighting with your inner critic or saboteur? A performance coaching session may prove to be very helpful. 


- Works in partnership with an individual to help them reach their full potential. As with athletes, musicians can be  guided with a structured approach to their personal development. 

- Gives you tools which enable you to make your own progress. A coach is a facilitator, rather than a counselor.

- Addresses limiting beliefs and changes thought patterns, increases emotional well-being and confidence, changes your habits, is useful for setting and achieving goals, keeping on-track, motivated and accountable.

I am an accredited professional counselor and life coach, I am not a therapist. I am unable to help with mental health issues. If you need assistance with anything related to trauma, abuse, addictions, eating disorders, self-harm, PTSD, etc, please contact your healthcare provider or call an emergency hotline.

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