A heart-felt welcome to you! The fact you are here right now is wonderful, because it means you are considering making a valuable investment in yourself.

I have been teaching singing for the better part of 10 years, having cultivated busy studios in Canberra and Sydney, but having since moved to Europe for my opera career, I now keep touch with my students over Zoom.

Teaching via an online platform, whilst I was a little skeptical at first, has turned out to be fantastic, as students feel less inhibited and more comfortable in the privacy and familiarity of their own homes.

"Lesson time" means "you time", so the more relaxed and receptive students are, the better. Given the more recent Covid-19 pandemic, more than ever, online platforms are becoming essential for connection.

Who is this for?

- People who wish to embrace the transformative power of singing as part of their personal journey.

- Singers who need an experienced technician to help with their desired vocal outcomes, without the overwhelm and pressure.

- All levels: There are singers in my studio who are absolute beginners, up to singing major university graduates.

I really love the unique needs that arise with singers on different parts of their journey.

What should I expect?

We will start with a friendly getting-to-know-you chat where we will discuss your musical and non-musical goals, as well as your background. If you're comfortable, you can come with a piece prepared to share your voice, or if that seems a bit intimidating, we can start with some exercises together.

Lessons are entirely tailor-made each week, for each student. So the content of each lesson will greatly vary.

To learn more about my teaching style, head over to the about page.

What do I need?

- Zoom and a stable internet connection

- A physiotherapy resistance band

- Water to keep hydrated

- A recording device to record your lessons

- Optional: a drinking straw (preferably metal to save the turtles!)

Lessons are $60 AUD or 40€ for 1 hour

Are you a developing artist? You may be eligible for the David Laurence Scholarship 2022. Read more about the scholarship here.